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How to ACTUALLY Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

Products Blocker. The app and website blocker that helps you focus and be more productive. Transform your computer into a typewriter that forces you to write.

Meet your match, Zuckerberg. Boost your productivity and reclaim your free time by blocking time-wasting websites, games and applications. Download for Windows. A dose of discipline, built in. Comes with tech support and a money-back guarantee. An absolutely invaluable tool for students and workers with non-traditional office setups.

Loved by stay-at-home moms and dads. Anti-Social is an incredibly simple and effective productivity tool, used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to enhance their productivity. Anti-Social does one thing: When Anti-Social is running, the only way to get around the block is to reboot your computer. Anti-Social 1.

Block Websites on Safari

We know you'll love it. Anti-Social was developed to fight digital distraction. The first software we created to fight distraction, Freedom , is used by hundreds of thousands of people and has drawn praise from the media and tech luminaries. Freedom works by locking you completely offline — a sure way to beat distraction, but often challenging for individuals who need to be online as they work. Anti-Social is built to solve this problem. It uses the same mechanisms as Freedom, which means you can trust it is completely safe to run. Anti-Social makes no permanent changes to your computer, and if you need to get back on the social web before time elapses, just reboot your computer and run Anti-Social for 10 minutes.

The trial version of Anti-Social 1. You can easily convert the trial version to a registered version. Download Anti-Social for Windows.

Freedom | How to block Social Media on a Mac or Windows computer

Download Anti-Social 1. Please note, Anti-Social 1. If you would prefer not to upgrade to Anti-Social 1. Download Anti-Social 0. First, we are very sorry about this! Anti-Social 0.

10 apps that block social media so you can stay focused and be more productive

If you're having problems, we've built a little tool called Block Remover that will remove the blocks. Just download and run Block Remover and you'll be good to go.

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Because of Yosemite's many changes, we had to rewrite Anti-Social from scratch - our new version 1. How does Anti-Social work, and is it safe? Anti-Social works by disabling your a number of social sites for the time period you specify. The cost to your productivity, ability to focus, and general well-being can be staggering.

5 Simple Website Blockers for Studying and Increasing Productivity

Freedom gives you control. Use Freedom to block distractions so you can get your work done. Block what you want, when you want, and be more productive. Sit down to work knowing you're completely in control of distractions. We're proud to have helped our users reclaim 10,, hours in the past year. I use it to block myself off distracting sites like Facebook and Twitter in the morning to help me get my most important work done early in the day and to cut myself off in the evening so I have time to shut down and unwind.

I honestly cannot fathom being able to write as much as I do without the help of Freedom.